CATIE’s HIV Treatment Training, w/ ACCHO and Black CAP

Starting February 26th, CATIE, in partnership with ACCHO and Black Cap, are delivering a 4-week training course on HIV Treatment for service providers who work with people living with HIV. The purpose of the course is to support frontline Ontario-based service providers serving African, Caribbean, and Black communities. The course supports service providers in learning about HIV treatment and how to support people to consider starting, staying on or resuming treatment. 

CATIE’s HIV treatment course aims to develop in-depth knowledge of HIV treatment for frontline service providers working with people who are living with HIV. Throughout this course, participants learn how HIV treatment works in the body, what being on HIV treatment means, and how to support clients through the HIV treatment journey. Course participants will leave this course with strategies on how to support people who are newly diagnosed, starting treatment, changing treatments and staying on treatment.e, or contact

Online meeting: March 19, 2024 from 1:00pm to 3:00pm


Fév 26 2024 - Mar 19 2024


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