Creating Space for the Change you Envision

Creating Space for the Change you Envision

In the fast-paced world that is a STEM career, change is about the only constant that you can rely on – gone are the days of working at the same company for 30 years. In this session, I explore how to harness change, rather than be hindered by it, to unlock opportunities for growth in one’s career. I offer a new perspective for looking at career change through a lens of learning, rather than seeing it as a failure. I share my personal experiences with pivoting several times throughout my career – from a degree in biomedical engineering to working in defence, from defence to enterprise SaaS, from a soul-crushing layoff to a Senior Project Manager – and how I used those redirects as critical learning moments to identify what I want, and more importantly, what I don’t want, out of my career.

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Jan 23 2024


3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

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