When: 1-2 PM ET on June 8, 15, 22 and 29
Where: Zoom Meeting (camera and audio enabled)
Cost: $125 for the series of 4 workshops

Please note, all participants will receive a confirmation email from TicketTailor with a link to join the meetings on Zoom. All registrants will be provided with a link to the recording and the presentation slides following each session.

Environmentalists tend to be well-meaning, forward-thinking people who believe in preserving the planet for generations to come. Environmental organizations will advocate for reusable cups, circular economy, zero-waste, conservation and the protection of animals and their rights; but are often hesitant or completely invisible when it comes to advocating for social justice and the lives of Indigenous, Black, racialized and otherwise marginalized peoples.

This learning series seeks to examine the ways the fight against systemic racism/for social justice and environmentalism are linked. We will explore and contextualize our understanding of racism within environmentalism and the environmental movement in Canada, and seek to look for solutions and build the tools necessary to create just futures for our human and non-human kin.

Session 1: Introduction to Anti Racism
June 8, 1-2 PM ET

During the first session, participants will be given a brief overview of the history of race and racism in a Canadian context, before then diving into shared terminology, defining terms like systemic racism. Participants will then be introduced to the tool, antiracism, and how it can be implemented successfully.

Session 2: Utopian Authoritarianism
June 15, 1-2 PM ET

During the second session, participants will be introduced to the concept of utopian authoritarianism and the importance of being able to work with and integrate multiple forms of knowledge and worldviews. Participants will be introduced to the tool, the triplicity of space, and how it can be implemented successfully.

Session 3: Holding Space
June 22, 1-2 PM ET

During the third session, participants will learn how to build equitable spaces of engagement by learning about the different kinds of spaces that they can organize and hold (the tool). Participants will also be introduced to a successful spaces policy.

Session 4: Environmental Justice
June 29, 1-2 PM ET

The final session will feature a recontextualisation of racism and systemic racism within the context of environmental spaces and the environmental movement. Participants will then be given a tool, environmental justice, through which participants can ensure that actions taken to protect the environment are just, and how it can be implemented successfully.

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Juin 08 2023


1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

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