Employment Equity Partners’ Roundtable

Employment Equity Partnership (EEP) Roundtable brings together prominent stakeholders and partners to deep dive into the exploration of equitable employment practices and the importance of diversity at the workplace within key sectors. The Employment Equity Partners’ Roundtable aligns opportunities for leaders and key stakeholders across public and private sectors to define strategic pathways for advancing equity policy, process and practice.

The 2022 Partners’ Roundtable, on the theme, “Partnership for an Inclusive Future”, builds on discussions and engagements from the inaugural Partners’ Roundtable (2021) on “Data-driven Solutions to Employment Equity”. At the 2022 Partners’ Roundtable, stakeholders will engage in multi-day discussion on pathways to employment and related inequities that have been further perpetuated by the COVID-19 pandemic as well as socio-political tensions that centre discussions on systemic racism and discrimination in the workplace.

​Roundtable discussions will focus on best practices for organizations and organizational leaders to collaborate and co-develop opportunities for equity-deserving people to access meaningful employment. Sessions will be held over three days as part of a hybrid event with options for virtual and in-person participation. Discussions will capture a range of leadership perspectives, with clear calls to action on priorities for building lasting relationships and ensuring accountability towards Indigenous, Black and various equity-deserving groups.


Avr 27 - 29 2022


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