Getting Online: Tips and Tricks To Help You Grow

The CWCLN in partnership with the Social Planning Council of Ottawa (SPCO), is presenting our virtual workshop “Getting Online: Tips and Tricks To Help You Grow”. In this FREE four-week workshop, we will teach you a few tips and tricks to transitioning your business, products and services online.

The pandemic has hit BIPOC women and femme entrepreneurs the hardest – that’s why we decided to launch this workshop to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to learn and adapt to this digital age – especially those who are from historically underserved or underrepresented groups. Although digital inequality is not a new issue, it has been exacerbated by the pandemic as many entrepreneurs and business owners are struggling to keep their businesses operational while having to learn how to navigate the digital landscape. If you’re interested in learning how to optimize your business by taking it online, sign-up for our 4 week workshop & learn how to digitize your business!

These workshops will be conducted in English and Closed Captions will be provided.

Instructor Bios:

ABOUT: Mailyne K. Briggs

Mailyne K. Briggs (she/her) is an interdisciplinary artist, writer, digital media marketer and content creator. She is the owner of Kilam Media and the Digital Communications Officer for the Social Planning Council of Ottawa.

When she is not working, Mailyne is a community builder and organizer. In 2014 she co-founded A Real Thought (A.R.T.) In Action providing free art programs to support the well-being of community members in Ottawa and beyond. She is also the co-founder of In Our Tongues Reading and Arts Series, a nonprofit that provides a space for BIPOC artists and musicians across the gender spectrum to showcase their work. Her most recent venture is working with two top creatives to launch Firegrove Studio, Ottawa’s first all women-of-colour production company.

Mailyne is passionate about the environment, digital and web accessibility, entrepreneurship and is a fierce advocate for mental health through the arts. Her child is the driving inspiration behind her work, activism and art.

ABOUT: Francesca Toussaint

My name is Francesca Toussaint and I am an Ottawa based photographer also known as “Poetexpress”.

“I see something beautiful, I compose and photograph it”, I am inspired to document the world around me and represent the diversity in it by

capturing memorable moments of people and places into a still image. I am a graduate from Algonquin college photography program.


Juin 15 2021


1:00 pm - 2:30 pm

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Canadian Women Of Colour Leadership Network
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