Menstruation in Waterloo region: Research Roundtable

Join us for a in-depth look at the recent research report « Menstruation in Waterloo Region: Insight Into Experiences, Attitudes, and Advancements ».

Facilitated by Lead Researcher, Kate Elliott, this 60-minute conversation will delve deeper into the data and hear perspectives from a panel of community experts on what it really means. The panellists will highlight the vast intersections involved, and imagine what menstrual equity can really look like through both a local and national lens.

Drawing on panellist’s individual vantage points as well as their expertise, this roundtable will provide a starting point for elected leaders and decision-makers in Waterloo Region to join the menstrual equity movement and make meaningful progress towards ending period poverty and achieving menstrual equity.

You can suggest questions for the panellists in advance by emailing

The report is available to the public for free here:

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Août 10 2021


1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

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